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Coir growing medium

Coco peat substrate for professional growers

Coir grow slabs / coco peat grow bags

We offer range of coco peat grow bag slabs for professional growers and greenhouse cultivation
Coir slabs are ideal products for the soilless cultivation. Our Grow Bags are suitable for hydroponic crops in indoor or greenhouse. We mix adequate quantity of coir fiber, coir pith and coco chips in the coco slabs (grow bags). The blends we provide extend completely inside the grow bags (keeping the rectangular shape) adequately responding to the demands of a wide variety of vegetables and flowers as:
Tomatoes, Strawberries, Chili Peppers, Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, Anthuriums, Roses, Aubergines/Eggplants, Carnations, Zucchinis, Berries, Leaf Green/Herbs, Cannabis etc etc.
Coir grow bags provide excellent aeration and irrigation facilities for the growth of Plants. Featuring a special blend of coco chips and coir pith, these Coco Coir Grow bags provide excellent air to water ratio for hydroponics. The Plant holes, drip holes, and drainage holes can be predetermined and customized to suit the needs of farmers.
Outer cover of coco slabs (Grow bags) are made of LDPE (low density polyethylene), with black interior and white exterior, treated to resist UV and are available printed, neutral or customized for private labeling. Bags are equipped with holes for planting and drainage, or holes can be customized depending on the client’s needs.
Our coir slabs/Grow bags are available with High quality buffered coco, washed coco or normal coco peat materials. We make customized grow bags according to our clients’ needs. The size of the coco grow bags, composition of the coco grow bags and the material types can be changed according to the client specifications. Please contact us to make a customized coco grow bag for you.

All Coco Grow bags are environmental friendly and are constantly checked to verify pH and EC levels ensuring the highest quality to our customers.

Coir planter bag (peat open top bag)

Planter bags are made for use in green houses and plant nurseries in hydroponics and horticulture. Specially, they can be used for several crop cycles without changing the growing media. It is most suitable as hanging pots for cultivate vine type vegetables & flowers. Open Top planter bags are ideal for crops, flowers and foliage in home gardens. These are packed in UV treated PE bags therefore can be used directly or laid in containers and pots. .This is more popular to use due to Smart in sizes and also it is easy to handle

Coco peat bricks-650g (coco pith bricks)

100% natural organic growing medium and multipurpose soil conditioner. Mainly use for small scale purposes and sold directly at Supermarkets. Individual Shrink Wrap can be arranged on customer’s request. Soaking in 2 liters of water is recommended. Suitable for general garden uses, Cut flowers, Bonsai mixes etc. Coco Peat prevents soil acidification and promotes strong and healthy root systems. Coco Peat also has good aeration and water drainage, to prevent over-watering and plant flooding. As a multi-purpose product, Coco Peat also makes an ideal animal bedding for reptiles. The 650g brick creates approximately 09 litres in volume when expanded (this can vary due to the nature of the product).
How to use
• Add 3 litres of lukewarm water to hydrate the Coco Peat – the water will be absorbed and the brick will begin to break apart
• The 650g brick will take approximately 20-30 minutes to expand
• Stir and fluff the Coco Peat – add more water if needed
• Add the required nutrients to suit your plants
• It is now ready to be used – you either place in on the ground in your garden, or in a pot/container
*Please note: due to the nature of the product, there can be variation of the final weight.
Coco Peat Briquettes individually shrink wrapped with label and packed in cartons for distribution in retail stores
• Size: 20x10x5 cm
• pH: 5.5 to 6.8
• Electrical Conductivity: (1:3) < 700 mS/cm
• Compression Ratio : 8:1
• Sieving: 8 mm to 12 mm
• Moisture : < 18 %
• Weight : 650 Grams (+/- 25 grams)
• Volume : 9 L per one Brick

Coco peat tablets

Disc shaped coco peat tablets for seedlings and planting in pots

Coco peat seed starter

Coco peat filled in a bio-degradable porous non-woven fabric tubes and compressed

Coco peat seed starter

*Apart from the above mentioned varieties, we also undertake custom orders from clients who need specific substrate compositions.

Coco peat 5 Kg blocks

Coco Peat Blocks / Coco Peat 5Kg Blocks
Washed Low EC and Unwashed High EC coco peat blocks
Coco Peat Blocks / Coco Peat 5Kg Blocks
Washed Low EC and Unwashed High EC coco peat blocks

Washed Low EC & unwashed high EC coco peat 5 Kg blocks.

Weighing from 4.8 to 5.2 Kg, a single Coco Peat 5 Kg block when hydrated with approximately 25 litres of water will slowly reconstitute to yield 60 to 75 litres. Usually packed in pallets or as bales of 5 pieces each, 5 Kg coco peat blocks are largely used in bulk for making potting soil or for cultivating fruits and vegetables in soil-less cultivation. Coco Peat 5 Kg blocks are available in two qualities – Washed Low EC and Unwashed High EC

Coco peat 25kg bale / coir 200l bale

This contains 25Kgs of softly compressed coco peat which is easily hand breakable. This can be mixed with soil according to the exact requirements of moisture and air porosity. 25 kg Coco peat / Coir bale has a moisture content between 35-45% and It can be provided in printed or unprinted poly bags Excellent product for Seed raising, Golf courses, Potting mixes, Landscaping and Soil conditioning. Custom label printed and packaged. Bale Specifications
Material Type: Standard Coir Fiber Dust [Coco Peat] or Mixed
Compressed Dimensions: 70 x 44 x 33 cm Compress Ratio: 2:1
Re-hydrated yield: 200 Liters
Packing: Printed polythene bag
Load ability: 656 bags per 40' container (Free loaded)
560 bags per 40' container (on pallet)

Coco chips blocks & briquettes

Coconut husk cut into small chip pieces and graded according to the size MassCoco Coco Chips Blocks and coco chips briquettes are used by potting soil producers and farmers to provide necessary air space in the production of root plants. The homogeneous condition of coco substrate is balanced by the use of coco chips. MassCoco Chips Blocks and briquettes are a lightweight organic alternative to clay pellets, bark and rocks. It saves water and protects your plants. We recommend it for Orchids, Bromeliads, Anthuriums, potting mixes and as mulching applications. All MassCoco products are environmentally friendly. Our substrates are constantly checked to verify pH and EC levels ensuring the highest quality to our customers

Coco chips – chipped coconut husks

Coconut husks are chipped into small sized chips called Coco Chips. Coco Chips are added to potting soil or mixed with Coco Peat to regulate the aeration of growing medium and maintain the ideal air to moisture ratio for the plant roots. Widely popular among Orchid and Anthurium growers as the ideal growing medium, Coco Chips can be mixed at different proportions with Coco Peat to regulate the aeration and moisture level of the growing medium. Coconut Husk Chips to your soil mix or garden to give more aeration, or use it stand alone for Orchids, Bromeliads, Anthuriums, and many other applications. Chips are available in different sizes:

Coco chips 4.5 Kg blocks

Weighing 4.5 Kg +/- 5%, each block are individually shrink wrapped with or without label (of your choice) and are either palletised or bale packed (5 pieces of coco chips blocks are baled together with PP strap after wrapping in polythene bag). These blocks are primarily targeted for Home and Hobby Growers, for sale in Retail Stores and Garden Centers. Block Weight Block Dimension Packing Compression Ratio Loadability (per 40ft HC) 4.5 Kg 30 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm Individually shrink-wrapped with or without label 5:1 4000 pieces COCO PEAT AS ANIMAL / REPTILE BEDDING Coco Peat is a comfortable and best suitable material for animal friendly bedding. It is ideal as bedding for as floor layer for animal sheds due to its moisture absorbing quality and soft bed cushioning effects. It is easy to lay and remove and free from dust particles. Coco Peat helps to keep your pets at best comfort levels and healthy. Coco Peat also avoids bad odors and reproduction of flies and the midge flies about 90%. Coir works well for many types of pets. For example, coir can be used as a bedding for lizards, snakes, spiders, turtles, tortoises, iguanas, scorpions, hermit crabs, and more. You can use coco coir in dry form or with moisture added, making it flexible to fit the needs or preferences of a variety of pets. coco husk chips also used as bedding for certain species of reptiles. We can supply as 650g bricks, 5 kg blocks, 25kg bales etc. (can be customized with labeling for retails sales)