Coir Log(Bio Log)

An Errosion Control Production by Colombo Quality Products

Coconut coir logs are a biodegradable erosion control product for hills, banks, shorelines and other erosion prone areas, made out of made from 100% natural coir fibres compressed in tubular mesh netting. Easy to place, use and install, these coir fibre logs create a natural control area that helps establish growth and control erosion.

Coconut coir logs have been effectively used for erosion control in restoration projects, stabilization areas and construction job sites.

  • Easy to Install
  • Provides Nutrients to Surrounding Areas
  • Allows for Deep Rooting of Plants
  • Helps Build into Existing Contours
  • Requires no Chemical Treatment
  • High Air and Water Permeability
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Safe for Surrounding Wildlife
  • Biodegrades over 2-5 years
  • Effectively Holds Seeds and Saplings in Place

Technical Specification:

  • Diameter : 30 cm, 50 cm
  • Length : 3 m, 6 m
  • Weight : 30 kg , 40 kg

Where to Place a Coir Log :

  • In flowing water areas: Coir fiber rolls can be placed directly on the bank, often retaining fill material or securing new channel alignment.
  • In standing water: Coconut coir logs are placed offshore to break waves and encourage sedimentation and re-vegetation. They can also be used for wetland stabilization. Other standing water applications include placing coir logs along lake shoresor even small pondsto protect against erosion.

Advantages of Coconut Coir Logs:

  • High Tensile Strength which Protects Steep Surfaces from Heavy Flows
  • 4-10 year Longevity
  • Allows for Full Plant and Soil Establishment, Natural Invasion & Land Stabilization
  • 100% Natural & Biodegradable
  • Functions as a Soil Amendment
  • Acts as a Mulch on the Surface
  • Acts as a Wick in the Soil Mantle
  • Excellent Micro Climate
  • Helps Provide Plant Establishment, Natural Invasion, & Balanced Healthy Growth
  • Environmentally Responsible & Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Customized to Specific Requirements/Technical Specifications



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