Coconut Shell Charcoal

A Coir Production by Colombo Quality Products

Coconut Shell Charcoal is obtained by carbonizing of raw shells in a limited supply of air. Shell charcoal is widely used as domestic and industrial fuel.

Superior Features of Product:

  • Consistent, high heat
  • Low ash
  • Long lasting
  • Absence of unwanted fumes or odors
  • Do not break easily

Supply Information:

    Available in natural size as well as mesh sizes.

    High quality coconut shell charcoal BBQ briquettes from Sri Lanka.
    Available with customized packaging and buyer label. Independent lab certificate available.

Usage of Coconut Shell Charcoal:

  • Used as domestic and industrial fuel
  • Used by blacksmiths, goldsmiths and in laundries
  • To create activated Carbon for multiple uses
  • As an Organic Fertilizer
  • Used in kitchen to get higher heat and good smell



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