Bristle Fiber

A Coir Production by Colombo Quality Products

Long and strong fibres commonly used in brush and broom manufacturing industries.

The stiff, straight and long strands of fibre are termed bristle fibre or brush fibre. The basic grade of bristle fibre is known as 1Tiefibre. This is then further hackled and classified into 2Tie and 3Tie based on the length of strands and the general condition of fibres.

The product is applied in brush and broom manufacturing industries. Otherthan that for potting mixes, manufacturing of special filters, coir twine etc.

Supplied as:

  • Un hackled or Hackled
  • 1Tie, 2Tie OR 3Tie
  • Waxed or Oiled
  • Bleached or dyed in different colors
  • Uncut or cut into various lengths

The main usage of Bristle Fibres:

  • Production of Coir Twine
  • Brush and Tawashi Industries
  • Potting Mixes/Growing Media
  • Manufacture of special filters
  • Solidification of the structure of fibre mixtures in the mattress manufacturing



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