Coconut BBQ Charcoal Products

About Coconut BBQ Charcoal Products

Looking for a better way to grill with Charcoal? Have you tried Coconut Charcoal for your Family Barbecuing?

For centuries people in Sri Lanka have recognized the coconut shell as a natural heat producer for cooking.Barbeque Briquettes are made from the coconut shell, which is carbonized and then compressed, to briquettes. Thus it is environmentally friendly being derived from a renewable resource and being 100% organic in its content.

Furthermore barbecue briquettes are packed in high quality durable packaging with the outer cover customized for the relevant market.

Coconut charcoal is an environment-friendly green alternative charcoal with many advantages that will make your barbecuing experience fun and help protect the environment. There is no single tree was cut to make our product.Our premium charcoal briquette are carefully produced from pure selected coconut shell and processed by skillful hand to deliver the quality.

Important Facts

  • Impacts no taste or flavor of its own
  • Easy to use and more economical
  • Burns virtually but smoke and odor free
  • No chemical and 100% from Natural Coconut Shell
  • Eco friendly
  • Very little white ash
  • Longer burning time
  • Consistent, High Heat
  • Durable, Do not break easily(before, during, after burning)
  • Ideal for professional and restaurants BBQ uses too

Depending on air exposure and the type of barbecue grill you will be using, one kilogram of coconut charcoal (about 33 briquettes) roughly provides the same cooking “power” as produced by 2 or 2 ½ kilograms of traditional lump charcoal.

By our current capability, we can produce in several packing and sizes With relatively stable heat created over approximately 2 – 2.5 hours duration, family barbecuing becomes environmentally friendly, more convenient, enjoyable, and more economical as less charcoals needed for replenishment during cooking.

Product Description

  • Size of Pillow: 6cm x 3cm
  • Average Weight: 30g
  • Fixed Carbon: 30% min
  • Moisture: 8% max
  • Volatile Matter: 17% max
  • Ash: 6% max
  • Binder: Cereal type
  • Burning Time: 180 Miniutes
  • Heating Value: 6600-7250 Kcal/kg
  • Packing: kraft paper bag / 2.5kg and 3kg per bag


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    Looking for a better way to grill with Charcoal? Have you tried Coconut Charcoal for your Family Barbecuing?

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