Colombo Quality Coir Products

Needle / rubberized coir products

We are one of the four factories that own a manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka for needle coir / rubberized coir products.

Coir needle felt / needle rubberized coir sheets.

We are specialists in coir needle felt products, we produce in-house, and we don’t buy from others. We have our own needle felting machine.

Coconut coir needle-punched sheets for mattress

Coir needle felts are non-woven fabrics made out of 100% coir fiber. Coir is needled, forming an interlocked fiber fleece. The fiber is mechanically bonded or interlocked to form a continuous length of the sheet. No bonding material is used in the manufacturing process. These sheets can be needled only, or with one side / both sides of Latex sprayed. Coir-needled sheets are used as a covering layer / protective layer in spring mattresses. It has a good insulation property.
They can be produced in densities ranging from 800 GSM – 2000 GSM, widths – up to 2 meters and thicknesses from 5mm -15mm, and Lengths up to 30 meters as single sheets. Higher thickness can be achieved by pressing several sheets together.
Coir needle felt is generally used as a mattress material, plant liners, and other high-end garden articles. This is also being used as insulation pads, geotextiles, and organic mulch.

Coir weed mats/coco fiber weed control discs/coir mulch mats

Coir weed mats are natural, environment-friendly mats designed to eliminate harmful weeds which affect the growth of plants. This coir weed control mat is made from a coir pad with a needle-punched mattress, which is then sprayed with natural latex on one / both sides.
These coco coir mats are laid as top covers of pots as well as on the ground around trees. Coco coir weed mats are easy to dispose of or recycle.

Coir weed control discs are made 100% natural and eco-friendly. Made from tightly woven coconut fibers, these mulch mats are used to protect plants from weeds as well as winter frost. The coir plant cover is permeable and lets water and nutrients through while keeping weeds away. Reduce the use of harmful fungicides or any chemicals, this is a natural barrier for weeds. It’s easy to work with and customize to fit any pot. The coir tree rings are lightweight and slip easily around trees or smaller plants and offer better aeration, retain moisture and release to plants. Fits standard-size pots and trees on the ground.

Coir Weed mat helps in

extending the time between watering

minimizing fertilizer loss and preventing the buildup of surface salts.

Superior weed suppression compared to other common methods.

Conserves up to 80% of the soil´s moisture. Reduce evaporation

Reduces plant mortality and promotes plant and seedling growth.

100% biodegradable and compostable. Coco coir weed mats are made using only natural coco fibers, it does not contain chemicals and does not pollute the environment. there is no soil residual buildup.

Improves soil health and productivity.

Coir tree mats / compressed coco sheets/coir plant rings

This is a natural rubberized coir pad, circular or square in shape with a hole in the middle, making it easier to go around the trunk of a plant.

Coir plant rings are made from coconut coir fiber and natural latex. They are a completely natural weed deterrent used to cover the soil around the base of a plant/tree.

These mats protect the area around the roots of plants, from the development of harmful weeds and also shield the roots from direct sunlight thus protecting them from drying up.

This benefits the survival rates of young plants and trees leading to their robust growth and longer life.

Coconut coir mats allow moisture penetration to assist vegetation establishment while insulating the seed and root zones from extremes of heat.

Coir microgreen mats / coco microgreen pads / hydroponic microgreen rolls


Coir Grow Mats made of tightly woven coconut fibers are well known for growing microgreens, herbs, grass, and micro herbs and are used as bases for growing trays. Comes in several sizes fitting 10″ x 20″ and other growing trays. Also used as a base for the tray to grow ground cover plugs. Roots grow through the coir mats easily. Microgreens, herbs, and other plants can be grown directly on the mats or by applying a layer of growing media on top of the mats. This coir grows mats offer better aeration and healthy root development. The needle felts have excellent moisture absorption and retention characteristics and form an ideal medium for plant growth.

Our pads are made from all-natural coconut coir fibers and bonded with natural latex. We use less latex in our coir pads to ensure healthy root growth and to have better air porosity for the seeds to grow faster. Our fiber/latex ratio is 80% – 20% making our coir pads unique when compared with other manufacturers.

Our all-Natural Coir Fiber Pads can be RE-USABLE. This means that you can carefully clean the pads wash out the roots once you cultivate a harvest and re-use the same pad over and over again. Our coir pads can be re-used up to 5-6 times which means you save money and time.

Made of natural, sustainable, and biodegradable coconut fibers

Ideal for growing microgreens, herbs, grass, ground cover plugs, and more

Popular among organic and fresh herb growers

Our coir grow mats are available in various sizes from 10 inches to 8 feet long. On request, they can be cut to the buyer’s requirements.
Grow mats can be easily cut to fit any size/application and are designed to lay underneath baskets, slabs, and cubes roots will grow well under these mats where moisture remains in a hydroponic tray between flood cycles protecting them from drying out.
They are excellent re-vegetation pads

Retains moisture and nutrients and releases to plants

Excellent choice for commercial large scale growing as well as home gardening

 Used with microgreen DIY grow kits.

Coco grows mats / coco mulch mats

Coir Mulch Mats are the non-woven fabric of coir fiber. Usually supplied in rolls, sheets, or cut in disc shape for easy spreading around the plants in pots, we manufacture 800 GSM upwards, one-side latex or without latex mulch mats.

Mulch mat rolls can be cut to the desired length for spreading around plants and trees. Being pores in nature, they allow air and water to pass through, thereby not hindering the breathing of plant roots, and at the same time, effectively checking the growth of weeds.

Mulch mat specifications:

Coir poles / Coco moss poles / Coir totem stake

Coir plant poles are considered a growing aid and are used mainly for growing creepers which require more moisture to grow.
This eco-friendly plant pole makes plant watering easier while ensuring sufficient availability of water for the plant as the pole stays moist for a long time.

Plant poles are made, by closely wrapping coir sheets onto either wooden rods or PVC pipes, and as these pipes are porous it helps plants to develop tiny roots which grip the natural organic matter of the coir fiber. As such, the coir pole is an ideal instrument to support creepers and vines, providing the plant with water as it grows higher. 

These Coir Poles are widely used in plant nurseries, horticulture farms, and indoor and outdoor horticulture décor.
It enables the roots of the plant to grip natural organic matters of coir fiber.

Coir pots / biodegradable pots / coco pots

We are specialists in coir pots, we only can produce larger pots up to 45L size.

Coir pots are made of biodegradable coconut fibers molded with an organic rubber lining. These coir pots will maintain their original shape for nearly 12 months while plants continue to grow in them, after which the plant with the pot can both be transferred to the ground, and the pot will decompose with time. Coir pots can be used as temporary containers for future transplanting. They allow for the seedling to be transplanted into the soil along with the pot itself, with no root damage or shock. Coir pot eliminates possible damage to roots in the process, as they can be planted directly in the ground. Thanks to the biodegradable property of natural coir.

Coir pots come in various sizes and have a comfortable range of designs to suit any garden space. Coir pots are an ideal eco-friendly solution because they do not obstruct irrigation and rainfall and they also do not prevent soil ventilation.

When plants are grown in a Coco Coir Pot, the roots quickly penetrate the pot walls. Contact with the air stops the roots from growing, root buds start to appear, and secondary roots start to develop throughout the pot. This phenomenon is known as “aerial root pruning”. The volume of the pot is used 100% by a dense network of root hairs of the plant. In containers with impermeable walls, a few very long roots use all the area around the pot.
They are available in various sizes and colors upon request.

• Seed germination and plant propagation
• Indoor decoration at home or office
• Home and hobby gardening

• Nurseries
• Garden centers
• Wholesale and retailers of garden articles

• 20 Feet or 40 Feet Container or Lose cargo
• With your own label

In polybags and then into Cartons.

Coir basket liners / Coir hanging baskets

These rubberized Basket liners can be used inside hanging pots and the liners that are used will also greatly impact the aesthetic appeal of the hanging coir pots.

Using the correct liner, can also help to ensure that plants thrive, as it retains moisture for longer periods of time. This makes the Replacement Molded Coconut Basket Liner an ideal choice for your hanging basket, as it will increase airflow to the soil while providing a handsome, natural base for your planter.

Our hanging basket with coir liner is of very high quality and lasts longer. The full of pretty blossoms or filled with a fern selection enhance any patio or entrance of a home that does not have the space for a garden. Our high-quality premium coir liners are very unique and a lot thicker than other liners and look beautiful in your home indoors or outdoors. The coir liner is made of natural coco coir fiber tightly woven and is designed to be thicker and last longer.

Any size can be produced as per customer requirement.

Coir fiber packing sheets

Coir fiber sheets are also recommended as packaging material as they are 100% natural and environmentally friendly. Also, they are breathable material that helps in packing fruits and vegetables.

Coir sheets are also very good Insulation material against Impact, thus used in Fragile component packing.

Coir fibre thermal insulation / sound insulation

Various tests carried out globally have proved that coir fiber is a good Insulation material against Heat and Sound. Coir fiber has a lower rate of thermal conductivity, and it has a higher level of sound absorption.

We can supply Coir fiber Boards and sheets for sound insulation and Thermal Insulation as per customer requirements. They can be used as a sandwich in building construction.

Coir sheet for mattresses / rubberized coir sheets

Coir fibers are transformed into sheets and are sprayed with 100% natural latex to provide, rigidity, elasticity, and excellent ventilation. Thereafter, these sheets are placed on a conveyor belt passed through an oven, and finally pressed between two rollers. The fibers contain closed cells filled with air, which grants the fibers good insulation and resistance against mold and rot in a wet environment. They are also flexible, and strong and hardly deteriorate over time.

The Rubberized coir sheet gives the required insulation & flexibility to the spring mattress.
Coir sheets can be produced in varying densities from 800 g/m2 upward with thicknesses of 4 – 6 mm and a width of a maximum of 2 meters to suit customers’ requirements.
Higher thickness can be achieved by pressing several sheets together

Rubberized coir blocks

Coir-based mattresses, with their unique features, are a popular choice of mattress across the globe. Coir is naturally a hygroscopic material meaning it has the ability to absorb moisture from the air. Coir mattresses are also highly porous compared to other forms of mattresses that support ventilation.
These features enhance air circulation within the mattress and provide a cooling sensation which is particularly helpful in hot and humid conditions.

Coir mattresses

We also produce Coir Mattresses with a layer of Latex or PU on top. They also can be finished with a quilted cover. Thickness and size can be made as per customer requirements.
A coir mattress is recommended for people with back pains and spinal problems.

Coir Bio Filters

Coir bio-filters filling for biofilters based on coconut hydrated coconut. Request product information the fiber used for filling comes from coconut. It is a very fibrous material to be screened in order to separate-long fibers, to be used for biofilters. To use it, you have to hydrate artificially. This process allows the material to expand and increase the work surface. Characteristics: coconut fiber is extremely light (111kg / m3) and has a porosity of 96% material. Its properties can be used in systems where coconut fiber is the only filtering agent. They may improve their properties, combined with other materials such as heather, which increase the fluffiness. It is a material with a high rate of adsorption of odors. For use as a single agent filter, it is necessary to remove the bed periodically to prevent compaction. The biofilter coir can last from 3 to 6 years depending on the treatment suffered by the material. Residual biofilter used: having exhausted the life of the biofilter, we deal with the management of organic or inorganic moieties. We are distributors in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, and Tunisia.

Coir bark guard

Coir rubberized sheets wrapped around the trunk of the tree to prevent any damage to the tree from rubbing against another.

They also assist with the preservation of the moisture content of the bark. Also helps in protecting the tree in winter.

Standard size is 4-5mm thickness, 10CM X 2M, but can be made according to customer requirement

Coco sheet for animal bedding terrariums

Needle Rubberized coir sheets and coco mats are used as Coco background / Back wall or coco beds in animal bedding Terrarium applications.
We can supply any size / quantity as per customer requirement